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Trec T.A.N.T.A.L. 250g


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T.A.N.T.A.L.PRE WORKOUT, contains the necessary ingredients that the body uses to increase NO synthesis. The muscle pump effect is a great ally of extra heavy efforts. A muscle pump caused by NO production increases the diameter of the blood vessels. Thus, the inflow to the working muscles of the blood is maximized, which is the carrier of oxygen, energy and anti-catabolic components. In addition, by-products of exercise metabolism (faster regeneration) are removed faster from muscles rich in blood. Do you remember one of the training principles of the famous champion trainer Joe Wider ?: the principle of pumping blood into the muscles? It was already known then that the more life-giving blood in the muscles, the more effective the training! TREC TANTAL EXPLOSIVE PRE WORKOUT supplies the main substrate for NO production - arginine. The product contains a complex of stable forms of this amino acid in the form of alpha-ketoglutarate and arginine malate. To secure the supply of arginine for the production of Nitric Oxide NO T.A.N.T.A.L. EXPLOSIVE PRE WORKOUT, has been enriched with the amino acid citrulline. The human body has the ability to transform it into arginine. Good training is a muscle pump, a dose of good stimulation and the necessary beta-alanine, which reduces the main cause of fatigue during high-power efforts.

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    Trec T.A.N.T.A.L. 250g

    Trec T.A.N.T.A.L. 250g

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